Saturday, April 21, 2012

The beginning

I have been inspired. After many month of observing my messy craft table and never sitting down to it, I have found my passion again. Where did I find this miraculous passion that has me creating a blog at midnight?! A scrapbook expo in Milwaukee, WI where I discovered many things about not only my own talents, but about the power of creative people in general. What they have shared with me re-ignited the spark deep inside me driving me to share with the world my two cents and creative process on all the scrapping and crafting products and techniques I can get my hands on, or mind wrapped around. My personal goal and challenge is to once a week create something crafty and share with the world how I did it; and I challenge you to join me. I know, most of you are saying "I don't have the time" but let's face it- not many of us do. I am a full time student, mom, and wife living in a city I am still trying to fit into. I don't really have the time either, but let's try...carpe diem! We are crafters people! Let's let our passions and talents free!!!

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