Sunday, April 22, 2012

Expo on a budget

All my loot...

...and goodies!
I was thrilled that this year's biggest expo was the day after my birthday. So I went to the show with cash in my pocket, $150 to spend on the expo floor on whatever tools, products, stickers and paper I couldn't live without. The deals were great especially if you shopped in the first four hours. One tip I was given by an insider was that the exhibitors like to give surprise sales on the last day so they can move extra stuff- so save some for the last minute deals! I am thrilled with what I came home with; everything I purchased I had a project in mind for and I am looking forward to putting it to good use in the coming months. After I got home I spread everything out on the floor, yes a every bit like a kid with their Halloween candy, and I marveled over all my deals and finds! I think the best budget saving tip I can give is to talk; talk to the owner or person in charge at each booth. These are creative people, who know their products and most of them are happy to demonstrate the unique things they can do in order to show you their product is worth purchasing. I found more and more as the day drew to a close the manager/owner/marketing director of the different exhibits would engage in conversations and want to take the time to connect with the customers who were still sticking around to browse and shop. So take your time and learn all you can from them, essentially it's a free mini class!

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