Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gelato Mists

My newest toy from the expo is my box of Ooooo containing all the Gelato colors from Faber-Castell. I purchased this from The Rubber Cafe for $60 after experimenting with Gelato in a workshop and falling in love with it. As most scrapbookers know mists have been all the rage for the past 2-3 years (that I am aware of) but they can be pretty pricey ranging from $3-6 per bottle depending on their ink base. But the Gelato makes purchasing those expensive sprays obsolete! I bought inexpensive travel bottles from the dollar store and mixed my own. Using a pallet knife I scraped about 1/4inch of the Gelato into my little paint mixer, added a couple squirts of water and mushed until thoroughly blended. I added the runny Gelato paste to the bottle of water and shook until well mixed. The great thing about this product is that I have control over how strong the color mist is, which is great because I have often wanted a slight fade of color and have had to water down mists in the past. Tips: When spraying on card stock have blow dryer handy, I used my heat gun. I do recommend using on watercolor paper as it blends better and doesn't take as long to dry!!!
Everything I used to make my own mists!

This was a leftover project, I decided to see how the mist would take and how it would blend.

You can see how the modeling paste resisted the color, and I love how the two colors blended together.

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