Monday, April 23, 2012

Made in Minutes Workshop 2012 expo

This class by SimpliCraft was a fast paced workshop to learn time-saving techniques to speed up the scrapbooking process. I was inspired by this class to do some more simplistic layouts, but felt this workshop was geared more toward beginners. I was happy to walk away with three two page spreads that I didn't have to think of or create on my own, and loved the way that the instructor Vicki had things well prepared and organized for the workshop. The class was not long enough to finish all three spreads, but she went over the important parts of the layouts and had a printed handout with detailed instructions and pictures to finish them at home. I learned a very valuable lesson about workshop kits with this class that I will share for any other expo newbies out there; the list is not complete. If you have some specific tools/things you are used to using as your own "basic supplies" bring those too. For example, this class said to bring tape, glue dots, and foam dots it did not mention you need fabric glue for ribbon. I am a bit of a glue snob and really like using the proper glue for each item so that it stays on my page 
permanently...and I left many things undone because I hadn't brought all my adhesives. So bring/create your own personal basic kit and add those items to the suggested tools for the class!

Layout #1 after class
Layout #1 ready for pictures

Layout #2 after class
Layout #2 ready for Pictures
Layout #2, I didn't like the button I was given so I made it pop:)
Layout #3 after class
Layout #3 now ready for pictures

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