Sunday, April 22, 2012

Milwaukee Scrapbook Expo 2012

This year Scrapbook Expo came to Milwaukee for the first time. I was super excited to have the opportunity to go to my first expo, especially since it was practically in my backyard! With 41 different exhibitors and 22 different classes offered I knew I would be able to come away with a brain stuffed full of ideas and inspiration. Boy did I ever, I only planned to spend one day at the show and I will never make that mistake again! Even though I only spent 12 hours at the show I left with a spinning head and am excited to share all I learned and saw there. The Scrapbook Expo company has a great system and some really great programs that made this a great expo to attend. First off the staff was well organized, friendly, and very helpful. They had lots of prizes to give away and special deals on classes and crops making it possible to learn more about scrapbooking no matter your experience level or budget. My favorite game they played was a number square game; there were numbers randomly placed on square floor patches and throughout the day they would announce the game and ladies would make a mad dash to the nearest square hoping their number would get called to win the prize. The door prize drawing sign up was just one of the many ways this company make the customer's experience easy and fun. Instead of filling out the traditional paper slip and stuffing it in a box, we were able to type in our information directly into the computer (which they had plenty available). There was only one down fall about the venue; four of the classrooms were located very far away from the show floor. They had great signs directing everyone to the correct location, and a good thing because I would have wondered if I had walked to a different zip code without them! Make sure to check out their website Scrapbook Expo for more expo's in your area, I definitely think this company's show is worth attending!

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