Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A few of my favorite tips!!!

There are so many things about scrapbooking that make this hobby so much fun. I have a million ideas and tips floating around in my head, but I think a lot of them have been talked to death. So these three are tips I haven't seen posted elsewhere and they are how I add unique touches to my scrapbooks!

The first photo is a fun way to use those photos that aren't quite right for some reason, or they don't have a person in the photo and don't need to be the center spotlight. I first though of doing this technique, gosh, 5 years ago or so because I had a picture I took of a piece of driftwood that I had fallen in love with. I had taken this picture while I was still majoring in photography and found when I went to scrap my pictures that I had all these cool shots- but they didn't have people in them or tell a big part of the story. So I threw a velum quote over it and figured out an artistic way to keep the picture as part of the layout. I have been doing this with my "off" shots ever since.
First Photo- vellum tape is a MUST for this technique

The second photo is a manifestation of the first idea. I used a sheet of vellum to hand sketch a teddy bear to add to the layout. This idea came to me as I was looking through my pages and realized my only personal touches were the pages I  used my handwriting on. Now, I hate my handwriting, and I don't think I am a great artist either, but I figure at some point my son will like to have something I created, not bought. If you REALLY can't draw- it is vellum so you can put it over an image and trace it if needed. Either way, the hand done touch give the layout the special personal touch.
Second Photo- drawing on vellum

The third and fourth photos are another way to add a personal touch. I drew a babies foot and used clear embossing power to set the charcoal sketch, edging it with gold. I also make a wire foot using some really thin gauge silver wire. My finger tips were used to create the little toes, and using (the right) glue I added it to the layout as another little personal touch.

Third photo- Charcoal drawing of a babies foot
Fourth photo- added a handmade silver wire foot

Mixing matching and Scrapping cont...

 So when I came home from the expo I had a few "blank canvases" to play with from one of the workshops I attended. I used Gelato and mists to add to these two pieces! I still have no idea what project they will end up on, but I will add them to my stash of fun stuff to get inspired by.
This brick pattern negative got the addition of a purple mist to better blend the red and blue. I think it looks better now:)
I not only used Gelatos to create the stripes, but them I misted over it with purple to add another dimension.

I am a glue snob

My mom laughed at me when I posted I was a glue snob. But I really am, I collected most of my glues and took a picture to prove it (turns out I missed 3 of my glues). It's only in recent years that I have become such a fanatic about using the right glue for each application. I started scrapping with my mom when I was a young teenager, this was back when we used 8 1/2" x 11" paper because stores weren't carrying 12x12's yet and the internet wasn't as popular as it is now. Yeech I'm feeling a bit old at the moment. Anyway, the first scrapbooks that I created have needed to have things re-glued to them and I hate having to spend maintenance time on my books, I would rather be creating something new than fixing something old. So I started to pay very close attention to my glues. Of course I had started using acid free when that first came out, then I got super excited about vellum glue when that came on the market several years ago too. Today the glue companies have made it so easy for us, they have developed glues for every type of project we can come up with! I have found that by paying attention to my glue, not only do i save myself time, but I am saving myself money too. I can't even count the times I have seen women going to town with their expensive acid free glue runners just to paste two pieces of paper together at crops!!! Use a glue stick, save yourself a bundle, it isn't going to touch a photo, and guess what?! They make acid free glue sticks too!!! Though it may not be as much fun as picking out ribbons or brads, or in my case PAPER- but picking out the right glue is essential to a well constructed project.

Monday, May 7, 2012


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