Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A few of my favorite tips!!!

There are so many things about scrapbooking that make this hobby so much fun. I have a million ideas and tips floating around in my head, but I think a lot of them have been talked to death. So these three are tips I haven't seen posted elsewhere and they are how I add unique touches to my scrapbooks!

The first photo is a fun way to use those photos that aren't quite right for some reason, or they don't have a person in the photo and don't need to be the center spotlight. I first though of doing this technique, gosh, 5 years ago or so because I had a picture I took of a piece of driftwood that I had fallen in love with. I had taken this picture while I was still majoring in photography and found when I went to scrap my pictures that I had all these cool shots- but they didn't have people in them or tell a big part of the story. So I threw a velum quote over it and figured out an artistic way to keep the picture as part of the layout. I have been doing this with my "off" shots ever since.
First Photo- vellum tape is a MUST for this technique

The second photo is a manifestation of the first idea. I used a sheet of vellum to hand sketch a teddy bear to add to the layout. This idea came to me as I was looking through my pages and realized my only personal touches were the pages I  used my handwriting on. Now, I hate my handwriting, and I don't think I am a great artist either, but I figure at some point my son will like to have something I created, not bought. If you REALLY can't draw- it is vellum so you can put it over an image and trace it if needed. Either way, the hand done touch give the layout the special personal touch.
Second Photo- drawing on vellum

The third and fourth photos are another way to add a personal touch. I drew a babies foot and used clear embossing power to set the charcoal sketch, edging it with gold. I also make a wire foot using some really thin gauge silver wire. My finger tips were used to create the little toes, and using (the right) glue I added it to the layout as another little personal touch.

Third photo- Charcoal drawing of a babies foot
Fourth photo- added a handmade silver wire foot

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