Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I am a glue snob

My mom laughed at me when I posted I was a glue snob. But I really am, I collected most of my glues and took a picture to prove it (turns out I missed 3 of my glues). It's only in recent years that I have become such a fanatic about using the right glue for each application. I started scrapping with my mom when I was a young teenager, this was back when we used 8 1/2" x 11" paper because stores weren't carrying 12x12's yet and the internet wasn't as popular as it is now. Yeech I'm feeling a bit old at the moment. Anyway, the first scrapbooks that I created have needed to have things re-glued to them and I hate having to spend maintenance time on my books, I would rather be creating something new than fixing something old. So I started to pay very close attention to my glues. Of course I had started using acid free when that first came out, then I got super excited about vellum glue when that came on the market several years ago too. Today the glue companies have made it so easy for us, they have developed glues for every type of project we can come up with! I have found that by paying attention to my glue, not only do i save myself time, but I am saving myself money too. I can't even count the times I have seen women going to town with their expensive acid free glue runners just to paste two pieces of paper together at crops!!! Use a glue stick, save yourself a bundle, it isn't going to touch a photo, and guess what?! They make acid free glue sticks too!!! Though it may not be as much fun as picking out ribbons or brads, or in my case PAPER- but picking out the right glue is essential to a well constructed project.

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