Saturday, May 4, 2013

My New, Improved, and Organized Scrapbooking Space

This is my happy scrap place! I am a super busy mom/wife/student and have to fit crafting in as I can; so my space is out in the open where I can craft when I have a few minutes here and there or the occasional few hours. I have spent the last 3 weeks organizing and revamping my space so I would be ready to craft come National Scrapbooking Day and I am thrilled to be playing in the space today! My wonderful hubby is building the last shelf insert for all my punches this weekend and then the space will be complete...for now. 
Above is a picture of my whole space including my son's art easel. My biggest pieces of advice to any unorganized scrapping mom's out there would be:
 1. plan to organize not only what you have but what you plan to buy in the next 6 months (I like to plan out all my major purchases for the next 6 months or more so I know how I will spend my monthly craft budget) 
2. give your kids a crafty area! It never fails I sit down to scrapbook and my son wants to help me. So I found that giving him a space to create stops him from wanting to "help" me or heaven forbid grab my hot glue gun and end up burning himself! 
If you would like to see the before pictures scroll to the bottom of the page!

 My craft cabinet in the corner is still under construction. Hubby is building an insert for my punches and I want to cover my cork board with black and white damask fabric.I chose to go with black and white, with a deep teal and raspberry color for accents. My print accent where possible is damask.

Darling Hubby built this wonderful stamp shelf to go above something we keep in this corner, it's a great use of otherwise dead wall space. I am so happy with how this turned out! Plus I have a little room to grow my collection, dangerous thought.

As you can see my paper is vastly improved in organization from the before pictures at the bottom of this post. I have my card-stock in size and color order, and my printed paper organized by theme...with labels cut from one of my favorite Spellbinder's sets to make sure it stays that way!!! These are all made from recycled boxes, mostly flat rate shipping boxes I have had around the house for some time. They are painted in a glossy black to give them that special sheen I love.

This was a fun project I made out of cardboard, paint, and white boxes I had left over from my old jewelry business. I needed a new space for my growing flower collection and these small boxes fit the bill. The whole thing cost me less than $4 (for the black paint). These small boxes can be purchased at Uline for about 0.28 each if I am remembering the price correctly.
I took 2 of the extra photo boxes I had, painted them black and added a stencil on top. I turned them into storage for my stickles and alcohol inks by creating a cardboard grid on the inside so I can store my (labeled) bottles with ease. My 4x6 mat stacks fit beautifully in the photo box too!

My pen holder was a crayola crayon holder my son no longer used. The tiered boxes came from a Christmas gift of Ghirardelli chocolate from my SIL. With some paint and a stencil they now look great! The polka dot box had green and orange dots on it, so I custom mixed an acrylic paint to match my deep teal accents and painstakingly covered each dot with either teal or black and left the existing raspberry colored dots. Now it holds my Martha Stewert circle cutter, Marvy Pens, scissors, Alcohol ink refillable pen, and my watercolor pencils.

My mixing station hold all my basic glimmer mists (I mix my own) and the mini misters hold the custom colors I create for projects. I highly recommend this for those that like to make their mists match their projects perfectly! The mini misters fit beautifully into a plastic stand designed to hold tubes of seed beads. My folders are pretty self explanatory, my scrapbook inventory being the most used in my collection, it is a "can't live without" tool as far as I am concerned. It was very time consuming to create, but well worth it for the organization when crafting and especially shopping. I have yet to purchase a duplicate item, but it was only a matter of time, now I never have to question what I have when I am in a store with my inventory.

This is my messy corner, all the layouts I have done since January that need to get pics taken and blog posts done for the most unique features. The big green binder holds all my templates.

This genius idea I "scraplifted" from the gallery. Rain gutters to hold your ribbon! I ran out of wall space a long time ago and had them on the window with dowel rods but they were bending, and it was a pain to take them on or off. THIS is the best solution I have seen. I used industrial strength Velcro to adhere it to the window, so far so good!

My ribbon scraps are all neatly on cards that I punched with my Fiskars ribbon threader punch

This was made with foam board, hot glue, and wine corks cut in half for the knobs. I designed it to hold all that I needed and still have room to grow- very important!

The drawers hold my big container of Ranger embossing powder, acrylic stamping blocks, mini stamp pads, and one special stamp pad I use often.

These empty drawers will hold all the Distress re-inkers I plan to buy in the next 6 months!

Using every inch of space, I hung baskets with clear command strip hooks. They now hold my extra mini misters (I buy them in bulk), extra white glitter, and my We R Memory Keepers sew easy tool kit.

These baskets hold my peel and stick stickers- more to come on that project in another post! The bottom one will hold my embossing powders.

I used an old rolling file box I had around to store all my punch outs and stickers, organized by theme. (Not much room to grow as you can see)

Under my table I store my scrap paper by color. The Small unlabeled bin holds my paper quilling supplies. The big bins hold all my recycled materials I use for various purposes, my mixed media supplies, art stuff, and my Spellbinder machines and embossing folders are in the bottom drawer.

These stacking bins from Target hold embellishments; brads, beads, gems, buttons and other odds and ends. My "dump ons" glitter, chalk, perfect pearls, etc. I also store my blenders and some basic tools here too.

I keep my Spellbinders dies in their original package and slice down the side with an exact-o blade so I can slip them in and out. This way I can hang them with simple thumb tacks under my shelves. I also store some on command hooks down the side of my craft cabinet.

1 of 2 Before pictures with my sloppy shelves and ribbon on dowels.

2 of 2 Before with all my chaos!

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