Monday, May 27, 2013

Scrapbook Expo 2013

The Scrapbook Expo came once again on my Birthday weekend, very convenient for me let me say. I was again impressed by the show they put on. I was delighted to see Diane Ophelia in the group of women working the show this year, and further surprised when she said she remembered me from the year before. Little did I know she would be the first of many women I ran into at the show that I remembered from the previous year. It made it a fun sort of reunion for those of us attending this second year. Many of their great vendors were there again this year, like Tall Mouse, The Rubber Cafe, Stamps by Judith, Rubbernecker Stamps, Eyelet Outlet, and many more. Plus I found some new favorites; two being Scrapbook Outlet, and The Scrapbooking Factory.
The lovely owner Jane and manager Angie from the Scrapbooking Factory

Friday stared off with a bang, ladies lined up for half a mile it seemed, and along with Jerry I helped get everyone checked in and given their free gift. I had a blast welcoming ladies and chatting away with everyone. Being a friendly and outgoing person, this was s GREAT job for me! After check in time was over I hit the floor to do some looking. This year I was more prepared, and I am happy with how I went about exploring the expo. I came with a list this year, this list had all the things I was looking to buy with the (Gasp) cash I limited myself to bringing. I spent Friday going around to each booth, seeing what they were demonstrating and looking to see what they may have from my list. I would take pictures of it if needed, and then write down in my notebook the booth, item, and price. As a seat was available I would plop down at the creativity center and play with Diane and Lorraine with whatever they happened to have the group making, once it was a necklace and another time it was an Owl. Friday afternoon I attended the best class ever! Pictured here is the kit from the class.
It was a glitter class with Demo Donna from Sparkle and Sprinkle and it was worth every penny for the product, tips, and layout- not to mention Demo Donna's excitable energy makes the class fun and worth the time spent in it. After the class was finished, I headed down to the expo floor to make my first big purchase of the day, $50 in glitter from Sparkle and Sprinkle, and I am sooo happy with the tube of micro fine glitters I chose. That wrapped it up for the day, and I headed home with a final goodbye to Jerry and his wife at the welcome table to ice my back (and feet) in preparation for Saturday.

Saturday I joined the line of women 30 minutes before the show floor opened with my golden ticket in hand (I was not a lucky golden ticket winner unfortunately) and with extra padding in my shoes ready to shop the day away. With my list and numbers in hand I organized my coupons as I chatted and made friends with women in line around me. The wonderful thing about crafter's is you will always have an instant friend when standing in line with another crafter, have you ever noticed that? When the show floor opened I headed to the booths on my list and had all my shopping, and my Mother's Day shopping for my mom done in about an hour. So then I tooled around sitting in for demonstrations, I did a few make and takes. Made the cutest Mother's Day card for my mom and mother in law. As time and opportunity allowed I popped into a seat at the creativity center again with Lorraine and Diane and had a good time making a gift card holder, those women have great tips and Lorraine is a hoot to be around! I took a class featuring Prima flowers. It was an advanced class which I wasn't thrilled about, but the instructor was a very nice woman, the reason I wasn't thrilled with it was because I just didn't learn anything new. Personally I feel like when I send $50 on an advanced class I am looking to learn a new technique, but that wasn't the case. I still walked away with two beautiful pages. After the class was over I enjoyed making a layout at the Michael's booth, where I came across the sweetest mother and daughter who made me misty eyed for the times spent crafting with my mom when I was young. Overall it was another great year full of inspiration at Scrapbook Expo 2013! I can't wait for next year.
My haul, everything bought and all my freebies
All My freebies!

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