Friday, June 28, 2013

First Catch, fishing trip layout

This month's inspiration photo form  Lines: Pixels and Paper Challenge blog led me to create this layout. Visit Pixels and Paper Challenge blog to enter your own layout based on July's inspiration photo to have a chance at winning great prizes!

I love the way black and white photos give a calming and nostalgic look to this layout. This was such a great trip with some very dear friends of ours.
Products used: 
Beacon 3-in-1 Glue
Up and Up double sided tape
Paper: from my stash
Green cord: Bead Party army green

Title: Paper Wizard, makin' trax
Green fish: ColorBox mosaic green
                Pearl Ex: 682 Duo Green
                Suze Weinbergs, ultra thick clear
                Ranger: tinted embossing pad
Tail: Gary M Burlin & Co. Elegance
Fish Hook: Delux Cuts, fishing
Boat: Ellison cut it up, fishing
 Shadow lines: Pentel #5360-127

Fish: Ellison cut it up, fishing
 Shadow Lines: Pentel #5360-127
Trees: Ellison cut it up, fishing
 Ink edging: Colorbox frost white, Shadow Ink Wheat
Journaling: mat stack neutral, Marvy #72 pine green, Lines: Pentel #5360-127

A special thank you to my Mom for allowing me to use materials from her stash so I could create this layout while on vacation!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pearl Ex Palettes of Wonder(color)

Pearl Ex is a great medium for so many things, it is a true mixed media artists dream! You can purchase these palettes pre-made if you would prefer, but I have put together my own. Using some basic supplies you can too.

Pearl Ex powder
Gum Arabic
Stir stick
Measuring spoons

Mix 1 part Jacquard Gum Arabic to 4 parts Pearl Ex for each desired color. Add 1 Tbsp water (I use purified water). Mix thoroughly. Tip: I stir the dry powder to blend the Gum Arabic and Pearl Ex before adding water, ensuring an evenly distributed mixture. This prevents clumps from developing in your watercolor mix. Leave container open to let mix dry completely, depending on weather conditions this should take 3 days. Now you have a custom watercolor palette that can be used on many projects, try mixing different combinations of Pearl Ex color to customize it even further!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Exciting Announcement

I am so excited to announce I have officially joined the creative team for a new Australian based challenge blog called Pixels and Paper!  I am thrilled to be joining the team and working alongside some amazing artists including Jane Howden the owner. Check us out for the first challenge opening July 1st at Pixels and Paper  Challenge Blog.

This new challenge blog will be a sister blog to ARTastic and is for anybody who likes playing with paper - the real or the digital variety.   It shouldn't matter whether you are a traditional paper scrapbooker or prefer to create your layouts via software on your computer – scrapbooking is about memory keeping, preserving those photos and stories of our lives and the lives of our loved ones for future generations.  The way you do this isn't relevant, nor is whether you are a beginner to the craft or someone vastly experienced.  It shouldn't be about how much product you can afford to use on any given page or if you follow the latest industry trends or not.  It doesn't matter if you scrap 12x12, 8.5x11, 6x6, in plastic page dividers, smash books or art journals.  It should be about enjoying what you do while you do it !!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Warning: You will be addicted to recycling soda pop and beer cans after seeing this!

I love to recycle items from around the house. My poor husband complies, but teases me relentlessly saying I don't let him throw anything away! This technique uses cans, any type will do from pop to energy drink cans.
Materials needed:
1. Pop can
2. Tin snips or tough scissors
3. Die cutting machine and die
4. Alcohol ink
5. Compressed air can
6. Nonstick craft mat to work on

Instructions: (Caution: you are working with sharp metal now, protect your hands with gloves or use care)
1. Rinse and dry the can, cut down the middle and sheer off the top and bottom parts so you are left with a thin piece of metal you can flatten.
2. Choose the die shape you want to cut the piece with, then choose the colors of alcohol inks you want to use on it. I like to stick with three colors personally.
3. Flatten can, use masking tape on corners of metal sheet to keep flat if needed. Tip: if you cut enough of the edge away you can roll the metal in the opposite direction to get it nearly flat.
4. Drip spots of alcohol ink on metal and immediately spray with compressed air to spread. Colors can be layered to create unique looks. Let dry 1 minute.
5. Run dry metal sheet through the die cut machine like paper
You can see that the result is stunning, it makes for unique metal embellishments for a fraction of what you would pay for them in a store. I used my embossing tool on the back side to create veining to give the big leaves even more life and dimension. Let me know what you think! Share with us any projects you use this technique with, I love to see what other people create too!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

How to create 8 pages in 1 hour with Assembly Line Scrapbooking!

I don't know about you but I am extremely busy! Besides being a wife and mom to a very active family, I am a full time student too. Because of all the wonderful and not so wonderful distractions of life, I am now about 7 years behind in my scrapbooking! Sound familiar? So when I came across the idea of assembly line scrapbooking I thought I would give it a try. Here's what you need to do it
1.a large table where you can have multiple layouts out
2. scrapbook paper, embellishments and standard supplies
3. lots of pictures
4. (optional) sketch book or website

Here's what you want to do:
1. organize the pictures and group them by pages
2. choose paper to go with pictures
3. design each layout/ use sketch book or website
4. choose tilse for all the pages
5. do all the journaling for all the pages
6. embellish all the pages
7. glue everything down

Here's how I did mine: I can have 4 2pg layouts spread out on my table at a time for a total of 8 pages. I used this technique for my son's 8th birthday party scrapbook. I made all the embellishments ahead of time because I used them to decorate his party room. They were all cut from the Cricut and glued together before the party, so I just saved them to use on the scrapbook pages. I stuck with simple and minimal layout designs using mainly 5 colors: yellow, orange, red, green, and black. This alone helped me design faster because I wasn't worried about what shade matched what picture, etc. This way I was able to create 8 pages in about an hour instead of 2 pages which is how many I normally get done in an hour.
The cover of the album I painted with acrylic paint. "It's a zoo in here" was cutout from the Cricut.

Pg1. I was trying for a party on the page look with this first page. The "party" is chipboard colored with black ink. The balloons and #8 were cut from the Cricut. The photo border was added on (I LOVE adding photo borders to make my favorite shots pop).

Pg.2 Everyone was in on helping getting the decorations ready for the party. Top left is my dad working on the banner, I'm in the middle gluing things together, my hubby and niece are on the right. The paw prints on all the pages were used to decorate the tables in the party room.

Pg.3 Features my Mom cutting all the pieces for the decorations from the Cricut. I kept all the negatives from the cutouts because I love how they make great frames for pictures on layouts! Journaling reads: The day before Ty's 8th birthday party was spent creating decorations with Mom's Cricut. Dad and Chris kept the kids busy and helped us whenever we had jobs for them. It was a long day but we had a blast.

Pg.4 Zoo was cut from the Cricut. I love taking pictures in front of landmark signs; they make for great photo ops! The red zoo animal frame was added on

Pg. 5 Family pictures and I always like to include the date for future reference. 

Pg 6. The seal was cutout from the Cricut. Photos taken at the sea lion/seal show. Journaling reads: First we kicked off the party by taking everyone to the sea lion and seal show. Everyone enjoyed watching all the tricks the animals could do. Tyler loved seeing the trainers working with the seals and sea lions best.

Pg7. Again I used the negative cutout from the decorations to frame some pictures. The beach balls were hand cut. The seal brads were from

Pg 8. The paw prints were created from the cutouts of the paw circles that adorned the tables. Journaling reads: Chris, Dad and the other adults split the kids into teams for a scavenger hunt in the fish building. Mom and I dashed to the party room to decorate. We loved how it looked! (I would never host a party at this zoo again for this reason, I had to do WAY to much of the work for what we paid for the time and space for the party.)

Pg 9. Can you tell I was happy with the result of the decorated room?! 

Pg 10. I used extra tickets to embellish this page. The giraffe was done with a kids stencil and oil pastel. I spread the journaling across the leaves. It reads: Everyone enjoyed pizza and punch before opening gifts!

Pg 11. I used the negative pieces from leaves cut from the Cricut to embellish this page. The middle strip has green sheer ribbon laced through and the two outer strips have green square gems scattered around them for a festive look.

Pg 12. (I have blacked out all the kids last names to respect privacy of the families) I find I get the best pictures when I have the birthday kid sit in a special spot, and each kid gets to come up while he is opening their gift. always works out real well for photo ops. The octagon pictures and matting was cut using the Spellbinders shapeablilities: Octagons.

Pg 13. The octagon pictures and matting was cut using the Spellbinders shapeablilities: Octagons. The angled ribbon down the middle was created by layering 2 different ribbons side by side, I love how layered ribbon looks! I used colored negatives to fill in the spots on the black paw prints cut from the Cricut.

Pg 14. The monkey was a Cricut decoration from the party. The lion was traced from a stencil.

Pg 15. The paw prints were Cricut party decorations. Keeping the designs simple was challenging but helped me create faster.

Pg 16. I loved the little turtle cut from the Cricut, I had to use the negative for him on a page too. I may go back and draw in a face, he feels too plain to me!

Pg 17. This Vulture was Tyler's favorite animal decoration cut from the Cricut. I think he makes a great page embellishment!

Pg 18. This goofy looking cupcake snake we made was a big hit with the kids. The Happy Birthday frame was added on I matted that photo 4 times and used pop dots to make the last layer stand up.

Pg 19. I used two of the negative layers from cutting the snake decoration as the center embellishment on this page. The leaves were also cut from the Cricut.

Pg 20. This wonderful decoration/embellishment from the party was all I need on this page.

Pg 21. This was the only page I spent a good deal of time on. I wanted to do something really cool with tracks to go with the pictures, but in all of my stash I didn't have a railroad sticker, cutout, or stamp. I am not the most realistic freehand artist, so I decided to cut strips of woodgrain paper to create the tracks. I completed the look by freehand drawing in some pebbles and gluing craft sand down. I sealed the craft sand in place with triple thick to make the whole thing pop.

My little guy getting his first look at the completed album at 6am on a Saturday morning. His favorite page is the train tracks with sand. 
In the end I am not going to win any creativity award for these pages, I am just glad I got this album done before he turned 18! The scrapbook pages are done which is the goal with this style of scrapping. Leave a comment and let me know what you think, and if you try your hand at some assembly line style scrapbooking I would love to see your results!!!

Start saving your (soda) pop bottles now, because my next post will have you seeing recycling them in a whole new way...