Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pearl Ex Palettes of Wonder(color)

Pearl Ex is a great medium for so many things, it is a true mixed media artists dream! You can purchase these palettes pre-made if you would prefer, but I have put together my own. Using some basic supplies you can too.

Pearl Ex powder
Gum Arabic
Stir stick
Measuring spoons

Mix 1 part Jacquard Gum Arabic to 4 parts Pearl Ex for each desired color. Add 1 Tbsp water (I use purified water). Mix thoroughly. Tip: I stir the dry powder to blend the Gum Arabic and Pearl Ex before adding water, ensuring an evenly distributed mixture. This prevents clumps from developing in your watercolor mix. Leave container open to let mix dry completely, depending on weather conditions this should take 3 days. Now you have a custom watercolor palette that can be used on many projects, try mixing different combinations of Pearl Ex color to customize it even further!

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