Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Warning: You will be addicted to recycling soda pop and beer cans after seeing this!

I love to recycle items from around the house. My poor husband complies, but teases me relentlessly saying I don't let him throw anything away! This technique uses cans, any type will do from pop to energy drink cans.
Materials needed:
1. Pop can
2. Tin snips or tough scissors
3. Die cutting machine and die
4. Alcohol ink
5. Compressed air can
6. Nonstick craft mat to work on

Instructions: (Caution: you are working with sharp metal now, protect your hands with gloves or use care)
1. Rinse and dry the can, cut down the middle and sheer off the top and bottom parts so you are left with a thin piece of metal you can flatten.
2. Choose the die shape you want to cut the piece with, then choose the colors of alcohol inks you want to use on it. I like to stick with three colors personally.
3. Flatten can, use masking tape on corners of metal sheet to keep flat if needed. Tip: if you cut enough of the edge away you can roll the metal in the opposite direction to get it nearly flat.
4. Drip spots of alcohol ink on metal and immediately spray with compressed air to spread. Colors can be layered to create unique looks. Let dry 1 minute.
5. Run dry metal sheet through the die cut machine like paper
You can see that the result is stunning, it makes for unique metal embellishments for a fraction of what you would pay for them in a store. I used my embossing tool on the back side to create veining to give the big leaves even more life and dimension. Let me know what you think! Share with us any projects you use this technique with, I love to see what other people create too!

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  1. Awww, the pictures just don't do these justice.They are SO beautiful and are shiny, giving they the look of being embossed, or glass-like.