Saturday, June 7, 2014

Niece's Birthday Card

My sweet baby niece turned 6 this past week! It's crazy how fast kids grow up. Her favorite color is rainbow, I know it's the cutest thing ever. Rainbow is (in her mind) considered a color all on its own. Whether she ever realizes it or not I will always find a way to use rainbows or the rainbow spectrum on her birthday cards...probably until I die. It's one small piece of the many adorable things I love about her. 

Fairies are also a favorite, big surprise for a 6 year old girl right?! I liked that this one had the progression of butterflies because it gave me another chance to mimic the rainbow color for her. The shape of the card was created with Spellbinders die Grand Label One. The rainbow bling around the card was cut from magic mesh purchased from Tall Mouse. When I spotted this magic mesh at the last Scrapbook Expo, I knew I would be using it to make this card.

 I colored the image with my Spectrum Noir markers and highlighted the fairies' wings with Sparkle N' Sprinkle glitter along with a few of the smallest butterflies too. Then finished it off with a white butterfly embellishment. My niece loved the card, and I loved making it for her! As always thanks for taking the time to stop by and look, have a blessed day!

Friday, June 6, 2014

June Challenge
Inspiration Photo:

  And here is what I created this month!

The red, grey, and black theme is stunning and so much fun to work with. I think my interpretation of this month's inspiration photo was as literal as possible without having an actual picture of my son in rain. I know I am missing the umbrella and trees, but at this time in our life we lived in the desert so the closest thing my son got to playing in the rain was playing in the splash pads, which we visited on a weekly basis during the warm months (yes there are cold months in AZ). I used a lot of little techniques to make this page my own. I used traditional and non-traditional prints in my paper layering to add a touch of fun to the page. I doodled in the title mat to bring some black to the already red and white paper, then outlined the red stickers with a thick black marker to help it stand out.

This glitter octopus is so cute, it is actually punched out of glitter foam with a new Spellbinder die I purchased at Scrapbook Expo! From this angle you really get to see the papers I used. I started out with a 12x12 black sheet with small silver suns, then a grid vellum in white, the black and white polka dot is next, with the white cardstock framing the picture, and last a small bit of red mirror cardstock to bring some different bling.

 I love any chance I can get to manipulate photos in my editing software. I use a free downloaded version of photoscape. Originally, my son was wearing yellow shorts on this day, but that didn't fit with my black and red theme. So I tinted the whole photo a bright shade of red and turned everything but the shorts black and white to create the look I was going for.

 I fell in love with this sheet of rub-ons at this years' Scrapbook Expo in WI. Rub-ons have not been super popular in the last 5 years, they are still out there but not like when they first came out several years before. So when I see them I tend to grab them, and this sheet was so COOL! This was one of the choices, and fit the flowery fun summer feel that I was going for.

My favorite technique was highlighting the water sprays with white glitter. The look creates such crisp white lines, and the granules of glitter help it look like water. And I think you have all figured out I like bling and glitz!

In this shot you can really see them dimension the glitter gives off the photo. This technique is created by using a glue pen to trace the lines of the water. The trick for success is to dump the glitter on while the glue is still blue, which will give it a permanent bond. If you wait until the glue goes clear it is only a temporary bond, and that does not work on glitter.
I don't have any cute photos of my son on a rainy day, but as you can see the inspiration photo can take you in different directions, that's the beauty of this contest. I look forward to seeing what everyone creates for this month's challenge! Head on over to Pixels and Paper Challenge Blog to see the rules and enter. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Mother's Day Video #4

This is the last video in a series for my Mom with the products that we purchased for her. I am reviewing dimensional glue, comparing Glossy Accents, 3D Craystal Laquer, and Dimensional Magic. These are several tips, tricks, and projects that I love to use with these glues, enjoy!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Video Part 3

We are continuing on with our video series this weekend. This week I am showing a few cool things you can make with the Fiskars extra large heart punch. I know this particular item was a bit of a mystery to my Mom when she opened her gifts, so enjoy the ideas! Again, I encourage all you mom crafters out there to make some time for yourself to play and I hope this can provide some inspiration for you.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Special Birthday Card for my Uncle

A month ago my Uncle Mark had a special birthday. I squeezed out some time to make him this card. I sent it off ensuring it would arrive on his birthday. I wasn't sure I could pull it off, it was the week my son was home for spring break and we had done spring cleaning. I was also prepping for my mom's arrival for Scrapbook Expo, but I got it done anyway! Uncle Mark had great plans for his birthday, and I knew he would be out of town so I wasn't surprised when I didn't get a call in the days after he arrived back home. Then I got sidetracked with my last migraine procedure. Next thing I knew 4 weeks had passed and I hadn't heard from him. I texted him to check to make sure his address hadn't changed and that's when we realized he never got it. Not sure where it ended up, because it still hasn't come back to me either. So at least I took pictures and you get to see it Uncle Mark! Happy Birthday, I love you.
I created this card using random washi tape from my stash. The black candles are done in Sparkle N Sprinkle black velvet MF glitter. I hand cut the silver candle flames. The embossing is done on silver vellum with the Darice Dot folder. The title was printed from my computer then cut and embossed with the Spellbinders Labels 22. I used a glue pen to trace the 55 and highlighted it with more Velvet Black MF glitter. The vellum was edged in Tim Holtz Black Soot. Thanks for checking this out. Have an inspired day!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 Review- BEWARE!

I have never before purchased from They are an online scrapbook company that advertises "amazing" deals on scrapbooking and craft supplies. The problem is they have really high shipping rates in my opinion. So over a year ago I added myself to their mailing list hoping for a free shipping deal, or some sort of coupon that would make shopping there worth my time and money; never saw one. After my birthday and all my shopping at Scrapbook Expo I had money left to spend, and I have really been wanting stencils from The Crafters Workshop. Even though their shipping prices are high, I was prepared to order enough quantity that even including shipping I would be saving $0.65 each compared to my favorite local craft store, and the online store boasted a much larger selection so I ordered 14 stencils. I was super thrilled and awaited my package. 

When it arrived I was excited to open them and see them all in person! I flipped through all of them, elated at how perfect my choices were for projects I have in mind. Until I realized one was missing, I was disappointed to see that one of the 12x12 stencils had been scratched off my invoice. So I called the California number for customer service to find out what the deal was, the woman apologized and told me it was out of stock. I asked if that meant they would be shipping it separately when they got the item in stock. I was told, "No, we don't do that. Your account has been credited for the amount of the missing item. We sent you an email regarding this." I told her, "Well, that doesn't do me much good. I wanted that item, or would have liked a chance to choose another stencil in it's place so that I wouldn't have to pay double shipping." I was told again they don't do that. So I asked, "Well, do you offer a free shipping coupon for the inconvenience? I want to order another stencil in its place, but not if I have to pay almost $7 in shipping again" and I was again told, "No, we don't do that we are an internet company." So I said, "Well, I won't be ordering from you again then" and I hung up. Maybe I am spoiled, I don't know. I am used to shopping at my local stores where they are huge on customer service and being helpful. I bet if I had gone into my local store, The Scrapbook Store & More, with a list of what I wanted she would have gotten it for me! Since I only got 13 stencils instead of 14 I only ended up saving $0.50 cents each which I realize is not a big difference. 
After this experience I would much rather spend the extra fifty cents each and buy them from a store that cares about its customers more! Now, not all online store are like this. I have had EXCELLENT customer service from many online stores including; Eyelet Outlet, Mon Ami Gabby, Sparkle and Sprinkle,, and Simply Special Crafts to name a few. This experience with Scrapbooking-Warehouse just left a bad taste in my mouth for this company, and reminded me why buying from small businesses or local businesses who care about customer service is the better way to go. In the end I am still thrilled about the stencils I did get, and am excited to play with them! If you have had excellent customer service from a scrapbook company be it local or online, I would love to hear about it!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Video Part 2

After MANY technical difficulties I have finally gotten this video online in time for my Mom to explore another part of her gift! I am showing some basic, fun techniques for Gelatos by Faber-Castell. If you do not have Gelatos, I hope these fun techniques inspire you to get some to play with. Reguardless, take this Mother's Day weekend to get something out of your craft stash you purchased but have yet to use. Play with it, find a how-to video for it and have some fun. We all deserve time to let our creative juices flow. Happy Mother's Day all!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Scrapbook Expo Haul and Review

Once again Scrapbook Expo has come and gone in Milwaukee. I just love my time spent at the show. The staff there, especially Lorraine at the free Creativity Center make the experience so much fun! This year was extra special for a few reasons. I was celebrating my 30th birthday, so my mom Donna came out to enjoy the show with me. I was extremely excited to explore the show with the talented woman who taught me the love of crafting and scrapbooking. This is a picture of us at the will call table. 

 This year was also special because my son Tyler got to come up to check it out and shop with the money he saved, with a little boost from Grandma of course! My husband brought him up after his baseball game, and Tyler was just bouncing with excitement.He loved making this card with Grandma (of course I had to catch her talking) at the free Creativity Center! He felt so special sitting up there and making that card from Heartfelt Creations with all the crafters. He ended up sending it to his Nana for Mother's Day.

I did pretty good this year, I am really excited about the items I purchased! This is a photo of all the items I bought. I will do another blog post with close ups of what I bought where, and any cool tips I picked up about them.

So once again, it was a great year at Scrapbook Expo. Mom and I each took two classes, which I will review in another blog post, and shopped to our hearts content. We didn't win any of the door prizes, square game, or golden ticket prizes but we still had a blast and got very inspired!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

May is Mother's Day...

We all know May 11th is Mother's Day, but this year we are celebrating Mother's Day all month long in our family (along with National Scrapbooking month of course). My mom is an amazing person. She is our cheerleader, sounding board, motivational coach, friend, and so much more. So my dad, sister, and I put our heads together to come up with a gift idea that would be as amazing (I hope) as she is. I searched for some craft and scrapbooking supplies that I know she would love, but doesn't have. I have made videos with basic tips and tricks to introduce her to each product. Each video will be published on Saturday so that she may view them and play with the products. I hope this not only inspires her to take some time for herself, but that it may inspire some of you moms reading this to do the same. Happy Mother's Day month to all the fantastic crafty moms out there!

This week we are showing how to dry emboss without an embossing machine, with the assistance of my son.

Friday, May 2, 2014

May Pixels and Paper Challenge is Up!

Welcome to May ...

This month we have a delightful photograph I think you will all enjoy - a little mystery, a little whimsy, a lot of light and air and pretty ladies. What inspires you from this picture?  Is it the white dresses reminding you of weddings or debutant's?  Perhaps its the field and grass recalling days of family picnics and outdoor fun.  Maybe the maypole itself brings back memories of dances and school or threading daisies on a chain.  It might even be the goat! Whatever the inspiration, we would love to see your work and please don't forget to let us know what it was that prompted the creative process for you.

Here is what I created:

I loved this months photo. The grace and beauty of the women dancing around the maypole in the meadow is so beautiful. But I don't have any graceful pictures in a meadow like that to use, I guess that's why we call it an inspiration photo. I did however have the funniest experience with my mom and son the first time we introduced him to grass. As you can see from the picture he was disgusted with the feel of it, my mom even had to pull his legs down to try to get him to adjust to it- but he wasn't having any of it! 

Long ago I found this page filled with grass blades and bought it vowing it would be for this picture. I brought out the grass blades with glitter, and created the die cut grass piece to mimic the meadow grass from the inspiration photo.

I always add in a hand written touch on every layout, and so created my title with stickles and accented it with the adorable little frogs I had just bought. Thank you for joining us this month, we look forward to seeing what you will create!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Card to Cheer up a Friend

This was a fun tone on tone card to cheer up a sick friend. I used up my scraps for the hearts, and changed up the plain paper with some dot and zig zag doodles. The beads and pearls were just from my stash. The ribbon was a great find! It is vintage from the 1930s and was in its original packaging with it's 25 cent price tag still on it. Such a special thing, I will definitely be saving it for special projects! Thanks for taking a look. Have a Blessed day!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Baby Birthday Card for my Niece

It's spring! Here in WI we have had sun, followed by rain, and now it's supposed to snow. HAPPY SPRING EVERYONE! Midwest springs are always so unpredictable. This past week while things were still sunny, I made my niece's birthday card. She turned 1 on the 11th, and we just got to open up gifts on skype yesterday. She has been a very busy birthday girl! I love this sweet little image, and made it look like our blonde baby Olive. Although her hair is a white blonde, but when I colored it that way it just looked wrong. The image looked like I forgot to color her hair so I added in the lightest yellow possible.

 I love the pink and brown color combination, and it was easy to pull that from the paper. The paper I used I have had in my stash for almost 10 years! It came in a pack with baby boy stuff, so I have just held on to it. Now that I have two nieces I am really starting to get more opportunity to work with my pink things. I cut the paper using my Spellbinder dies. The card background is Grand Labels 1, edged with TH Distress ink in Spun Sugar. Then I used the Grand Scalloped Square for the pink paper, edging in TH Distress Vintage Photo. The image is cut with Labels 22 and edged in Vintage Photo. The image itself was just a digi image found on Pintrest. The brown flowers are Prima. The big pink rose was a white foam one from Tall Mouse I colored with my alcohol ink. The pearl garland and butterfly are also from Tall Mouse. The two little pink and white clumps at the top are from the Dollar Tree floral section, as are the leaves. I finished up the front with a dash of Cloud Nine glitter from Sparkle and Sprinkle on her hair bow and safety pins. I always need a touch of sparkle!

The inside was fun. The coordinating paper was cut with Grand Labels 1 and edged in Vintage Photo. The writing piece was cut with Labels 22, edged first in Spun Sugar and then in Vintage Photo. I LOVE layering up edging this way. It really can pull together a look, while giving all the parts boundaries. The happy birthday banner was stamped with Rubber Stampede's Happy Birthday in Vintage photo and shadowed with an alcohol marker. The banner itself is ticket tape from a calculator roll. I punched the edge with a Martha Stewart punch. I don't remember the name of this punch so if anybody knows it please comment below! And built color with Spun Sugar and Vintage Photo on the edge. I used three pieces of dimensional dots stacked on each other to get the banner to dome the way I wanted and that was it! I hope you like it, I am definitely proud of this piece. I enjoyed watching it come together.
As always thank you for taking the time to look! Comments are always appreciated and make sharing fun. Have a Blessed and wonderful day.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

April Challenge is Up!

It's another month already, hard to believe we are in April so soon! This month we have a great inspiration photo on the Pixels and Paper blog. We are in the mood for all things spring, bring on the Easter photos! This month I was inspired by the pretty pale colors and the '50s (I think) style of the girls outfits.

I had this whole plan to go retro this month in my mind...but then I came across this photo again and just had to scrap it. Look at the wonder and joy on his face! Since we decided to color our eggs neon colors in 2006 and I had this really cool photo of my son's reaction to seeing them all together; I decided to keep color my focus- but in neon shades not pastels. 

I had to really dig into my stash to find vibrant papers, it's not something I work with a lot. The vellum background was very busy. I made sure to cover lots of it with solid bold colors that matched the eggs in the photo, and the leaves in the background. I of course had to add in my own handwriting for the journaling section, my son loves to read the stories I put in the scrapbooks.

The eggs I made myself. I did them in a word document, printed them out, fussy cut them, and used them as templates for the ones on the page. I had fun decorating them and making each one special, but it was a time consuming process. Especially since I made a few I decided clashed with the background- so then I made more. Now I have extra eggs for the next layout I do, and a page I am very happy with. 
The blue flower needed a bit of color. It was too light and green and clashed with the blue background paper, so I grabbed my handy Spectrum Noir marker out of the new organizer I just made and made it a different shade of blue.
"Easy peasy lemon squeezey" as my son would say! I hope you will join us in our challenge this month over on the blog if you have some Easter or spring photos around that need to be turned into a page. Show us your Easter/spring memories, you could be our next winner!!

My Mess

You know, one of the most ironic things to me is how much I love a beautifully organized and decorated craft room when 80% of the time mine looks like this! (If you look close, the grey blob under my table behind the sticker box is our cat Ricco) I pin at LEAST one picture a day of a dreamy craft space. Yet, I'm the type of crafter who blows through her craft room like a tornado. What can I say? It's how I function! No fear all you type A's reading this,  it cleans up nicely! So tell me, what kind of crafter are you? Do you put away as you go? Or do you pile one thing on top of another like me and surround yourself with all the items you use?
This is what it looks like between projects after I have put everything back in it's place!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

DIY Alcohol Ink Marker Storage!!!

So what have I been doing this week now that I am in less pain? I'm glad you asked! I am so excited to be sharing this project with you. For Christmas my wonderful husband bought me half of the Spectrum Noir alcohol ink markers, and my awesome in-laws bought the other half! So I now own ALL 168 of the markers!!! I have been playing with them, and making cards here and there as needed for the 3 birthdays we have had since January, and I LOVE them.
The problem is, trying to use them while they are still in their original packaging is a PAIN! I would end up with 4 or 5 packages strewn around my craft tables and it took forever to dig around to find the color I wanted. Organization was needed!

Now, I am not the kind of person who hates organizing, unlike my little sister. I find the process of going through my scrapbook items calming and wonderful. I think it's all the colors, and the fact that when I see them I get inspired. The best way to describe it is when I am looking at my items I can "see" the project I want to make with them in my head. But seriously, I have SO much stuff and I am so slow in creating, that I could craft everyday all day for a year and only put a DENT in what I own. Yet, I can go to create a project and find I am in need of one product or another...scrapbookers- we are blessed and cursed, right?!

So here is what you need for this project:
-White foam board. I buy mine at Dollar Tree 5 at a time because I am always coming up with ways to use the stuff. This project used 4 full sheets (with scraps left over of course-which I give to my son to create with as you can see in the pic below).
-Craft self-healing mat
- Yard stick 
- Box cutter
-Hot glue gun and lots of glue sticks
Optional Items:
-Washi tape
-Stickers/Rub Ons

1. So the first step was to lay them all out in their color families, I followed the printable color chart that you can find on Crafter's Companion website (click on the blank chart link to download and print, then fill in with your markers). This was time consuming and relaxing! Plus it looked SO COOL when they were all spread out. Especially with my rainbow of ribbon shining in the background!

2. The second step was to measure the space I have to put the storage unit in, for me that was 13" wide and I could go pretty much as tall as I wanted. Then I measured the markers to see how many shelves I would need for all 168 markers; I needed 12. I made the openings 1" wide to more than accommodate the thickness of the markers. 

3. Then I measured and cut my foam board on my big sewing self-healing craft mat with a yard stick and box cutter. After I had the side panels, back panel, and all the shelves cut to size I moved on to assembling and decorating. My measurements were 13" wide, 14 3/4" tall, and 5 1/2" deep (so that the marker tips hang off and are easier to grab).
4. I marked each shelf at 1/2" from the front and lined up my washi tape so the edges would be evenly decorated (yes, I'm anal-so what!) because it bugs the heck out of my when my lines are wonky when I mean for them to be straight.
5. Then it was time to assemble. With my glue gun heated up I set out to build the unit. I cut a scrap strip of 1" foam board in half and hot glued it together at a right angle so I could use it as a spacer for the shelves. (You can see it poking out in the picture above below the level, my measurements are written on it)
6. Use the level to ensure your markers will sit even, don't forget to see if your table is level first, mine is not in all places.

7. Once the shelves are glued to the side panel it's time to glue on the back panel. I cut mine so that it would fit snug between the two side panels behind all the shelves. To do that you cut it the same width as the shelves- 13" in my case, and as tall as the side panels- 14 3/4" for me. This is to keep the markers from slipping out the back if you have to move the unit, which I do.

8. The next step is decorating. Obviously this is optional, but I feel it is critical for me. I need a pleasant space to create in. Surround myself with the beauty of my craft items helps that, and plus decorating is where I get to put my personal style into the unit. As you can see from the picture I used a paper stencil, this one is by PLAID, and can be purchased at JoAnn's in a package of about 50 for $5. And yes, I used the old packaging from the markers for my paint palette- RECYCLE baby!

9. I then embellished it by adding a glitter ribbon around the edge, and dimensional stickers to the side in the gap between the stencil. On the top I used a rub-on from back in the day. Note: Rub-Ons do not like foam board! I actually had to lay down a thin layer of tacky glue to the area, and THEN rub it on- it just wouldn't stick otherwise!

And that's it! Here is the completed project in the spot I am keeping it in on top of my spray box! (Which I am thinking now needs a face lift-it never ends!) Thank you for taking the time to look at this, please leave a comment if you like it, and if you have any questions on a step or dimensions please let me know!
Have a Blessed Day,
Chief Memory Keeper of my Family