Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Mess

You know, one of the most ironic things to me is how much I love a beautifully organized and decorated craft room when 80% of the time mine looks like this! (If you look close, the grey blob under my table behind the sticker box is our cat Ricco) I pin at LEAST one picture a day of a dreamy craft space. Yet, I'm the type of crafter who blows through her craft room like a tornado. What can I say? It's how I function! No fear all you type A's reading this,  it cleans up nicely! So tell me, what kind of crafter are you? Do you put away as you go? Or do you pile one thing on top of another like me and surround yourself with all the items you use?
This is what it looks like between projects after I have put everything back in it's place!


  1. I begin with the best of intentions, putting away as I play. Then, when I really get into it, I find that I've burried my scissors or some other essential tool. My mess looks just like yours. I have to stop at that point, do a quick clean up, then resume playing. I was better when I had a dedicated craft room. Someday again maybe...

    1. Even with my dedicated space I still end up burying myself! It's like I get into a zone and I don't even see the mess until I am done creating, then I come up for air and realize the extent of the mess I made. At least I find when I clean up I organize my things, I'm a little OCD about things getting back where they belong. I know you have your stuff pretty well organized too once it get's put away :)