Saturday, May 3, 2014

May is Mother's Day...

We all know May 11th is Mother's Day, but this year we are celebrating Mother's Day all month long in our family (along with National Scrapbooking month of course). My mom is an amazing person. She is our cheerleader, sounding board, motivational coach, friend, and so much more. So my dad, sister, and I put our heads together to come up with a gift idea that would be as amazing (I hope) as she is. I searched for some craft and scrapbooking supplies that I know she would love, but doesn't have. I have made videos with basic tips and tricks to introduce her to each product. Each video will be published on Saturday so that she may view them and play with the products. I hope this not only inspires her to take some time for herself, but that it may inspire some of you moms reading this to do the same. Happy Mother's Day month to all the fantastic crafty moms out there!

This week we are showing how to dry emboss without an embossing machine, with the assistance of my son.

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