Friday, May 2, 2014

May Pixels and Paper Challenge is Up!

Welcome to May ...

This month we have a delightful photograph I think you will all enjoy - a little mystery, a little whimsy, a lot of light and air and pretty ladies. What inspires you from this picture?  Is it the white dresses reminding you of weddings or debutant's?  Perhaps its the field and grass recalling days of family picnics and outdoor fun.  Maybe the maypole itself brings back memories of dances and school or threading daisies on a chain.  It might even be the goat! Whatever the inspiration, we would love to see your work and please don't forget to let us know what it was that prompted the creative process for you.

Here is what I created:

I loved this months photo. The grace and beauty of the women dancing around the maypole in the meadow is so beautiful. But I don't have any graceful pictures in a meadow like that to use, I guess that's why we call it an inspiration photo. I did however have the funniest experience with my mom and son the first time we introduced him to grass. As you can see from the picture he was disgusted with the feel of it, my mom even had to pull his legs down to try to get him to adjust to it- but he wasn't having any of it! 

Long ago I found this page filled with grass blades and bought it vowing it would be for this picture. I brought out the grass blades with glitter, and created the die cut grass piece to mimic the meadow grass from the inspiration photo.

I always add in a hand written touch on every layout, and so created my title with stickles and accented it with the adorable little frogs I had just bought. Thank you for joining us this month, we look forward to seeing what you will create!

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