Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Scrapbooking-Warehouse.com Review- BEWARE!

I have never before purchased from scrapbooking-warhouse.com. They are an online scrapbook company that advertises "amazing" deals on scrapbooking and craft supplies. The problem is they have really high shipping rates in my opinion. So over a year ago I added myself to their mailing list hoping for a free shipping deal, or some sort of coupon that would make shopping there worth my time and money; never saw one. After my birthday and all my shopping at Scrapbook Expo I had money left to spend, and I have really been wanting stencils from The Crafters Workshop. Even though their shipping prices are high, I was prepared to order enough quantity that even including shipping I would be saving $0.65 each compared to my favorite local craft store, and the online store boasted a much larger selection so I ordered 14 stencils. I was super thrilled and awaited my package. 

When it arrived I was excited to open them and see them all in person! I flipped through all of them, elated at how perfect my choices were for projects I have in mind. Until I realized one was missing, I was disappointed to see that one of the 12x12 stencils had been scratched off my invoice. So I called the California number for customer service to find out what the deal was, the woman apologized and told me it was out of stock. I asked if that meant they would be shipping it separately when they got the item in stock. I was told, "No, we don't do that. Your account has been credited for the amount of the missing item. We sent you an email regarding this." I told her, "Well, that doesn't do me much good. I wanted that item, or would have liked a chance to choose another stencil in it's place so that I wouldn't have to pay double shipping." I was told again they don't do that. So I asked, "Well, do you offer a free shipping coupon for the inconvenience? I want to order another stencil in its place, but not if I have to pay almost $7 in shipping again" and I was again told, "No, we don't do that we are an internet company." So I said, "Well, I won't be ordering from you again then" and I hung up. Maybe I am spoiled, I don't know. I am used to shopping at my local stores where they are huge on customer service and being helpful. I bet if I had gone into my local store, The Scrapbook Store & More, with a list of what I wanted she would have gotten it for me! Since I only got 13 stencils instead of 14 I only ended up saving $0.50 cents each which I realize is not a big difference. 
After this experience I would much rather spend the extra fifty cents each and buy them from a store that cares about its customers more! Now, not all online store are like this. I have had EXCELLENT customer service from many online stores including; Eyelet Outlet, Mon Ami Gabby, Sparkle and Sprinkle, Scrapbook.com, and Simply Special Crafts to name a few. This experience with Scrapbooking-Warehouse just left a bad taste in my mouth for this company, and reminded me why buying from small businesses or local businesses who care about customer service is the better way to go. In the end I am still thrilled about the stencils I did get, and am excited to play with them! If you have had excellent customer service from a scrapbook company be it local or online, I would love to hear about it!

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