Saturday, June 7, 2014

Niece's Birthday Card

My sweet baby niece turned 6 this past week! It's crazy how fast kids grow up. Her favorite color is rainbow, I know it's the cutest thing ever. Rainbow is (in her mind) considered a color all on its own. Whether she ever realizes it or not I will always find a way to use rainbows or the rainbow spectrum on her birthday cards...probably until I die. It's one small piece of the many adorable things I love about her. 

Fairies are also a favorite, big surprise for a 6 year old girl right?! I liked that this one had the progression of butterflies because it gave me another chance to mimic the rainbow color for her. The shape of the card was created with Spellbinders die Grand Label One. The rainbow bling around the card was cut from magic mesh purchased from Tall Mouse. When I spotted this magic mesh at the last Scrapbook Expo, I knew I would be using it to make this card.

 I colored the image with my Spectrum Noir markers and highlighted the fairies' wings with Sparkle N' Sprinkle glitter along with a few of the smallest butterflies too. Then finished it off with a white butterfly embellishment. My niece loved the card, and I loved making it for her! As always thanks for taking the time to stop by and look, have a blessed day!

Friday, June 6, 2014

June Challenge
Inspiration Photo:

  And here is what I created this month!

The red, grey, and black theme is stunning and so much fun to work with. I think my interpretation of this month's inspiration photo was as literal as possible without having an actual picture of my son in rain. I know I am missing the umbrella and trees, but at this time in our life we lived in the desert so the closest thing my son got to playing in the rain was playing in the splash pads, which we visited on a weekly basis during the warm months (yes there are cold months in AZ). I used a lot of little techniques to make this page my own. I used traditional and non-traditional prints in my paper layering to add a touch of fun to the page. I doodled in the title mat to bring some black to the already red and white paper, then outlined the red stickers with a thick black marker to help it stand out.

This glitter octopus is so cute, it is actually punched out of glitter foam with a new Spellbinder die I purchased at Scrapbook Expo! From this angle you really get to see the papers I used. I started out with a 12x12 black sheet with small silver suns, then a grid vellum in white, the black and white polka dot is next, with the white cardstock framing the picture, and last a small bit of red mirror cardstock to bring some different bling.

 I love any chance I can get to manipulate photos in my editing software. I use a free downloaded version of photoscape. Originally, my son was wearing yellow shorts on this day, but that didn't fit with my black and red theme. So I tinted the whole photo a bright shade of red and turned everything but the shorts black and white to create the look I was going for.

 I fell in love with this sheet of rub-ons at this years' Scrapbook Expo in WI. Rub-ons have not been super popular in the last 5 years, they are still out there but not like when they first came out several years before. So when I see them I tend to grab them, and this sheet was so COOL! This was one of the choices, and fit the flowery fun summer feel that I was going for.

My favorite technique was highlighting the water sprays with white glitter. The look creates such crisp white lines, and the granules of glitter help it look like water. And I think you have all figured out I like bling and glitz!

In this shot you can really see them dimension the glitter gives off the photo. This technique is created by using a glue pen to trace the lines of the water. The trick for success is to dump the glitter on while the glue is still blue, which will give it a permanent bond. If you wait until the glue goes clear it is only a temporary bond, and that does not work on glitter.
I don't have any cute photos of my son on a rainy day, but as you can see the inspiration photo can take you in different directions, that's the beauty of this contest. I look forward to seeing what everyone creates for this month's challenge! Head on over to Pixels and Paper Challenge Blog to see the rules and enter.